Assessing class performance

Learning objectives

  • Assess a class from their homework

  • Draw out misconceptions


  1. With a bunch of 7 homeworks, identify what this class struggle with. Check this example before starting

    • Write down a list of topics that needs to be retaught for this class

    • Come up with a strategy to puncture these misconceptions. Live coding, worked example, peer instruction. Write everything down.

  2. Watch this video. Do you think this can be applied to teaching software? What does that mean for our teaching?

  3. Create examples and questions that visualize the students misconceptions regarding promises.

  4. Present the coach with an exercise and ask them to solve it 5 ways incorrectly, with mistakes a student would make. Again to draw out misconceptions.

Class struggles example

This is an example of a alumni Zuhair Taha going through a classes homework and making a list of misconceptions/struggles of the class

After following class 14 homework for javascript 1 week 2 here are some notes:

  • Many students have a problem with understanding return at functions.

  • The most difficult question for them was the fourth student manager

  • Many students don't know that they can use <= and >= is available when they compare at if condition.

  • There is still a problem with understanding the goal of functions. What is the function, why do we use it, and when?

  • When I told students at the feedback that they can give the parameter at the function a default value at:

    function getFullname(firstname, surname, useFormalName = false) {

    I noticed confusion and difficulty understanding this.

  • Using a lot of redundant console.log even if not mentioned in the question to log something. Also, I've seen at many homework that the return it like

    return console.log(..)

  • Using unclear or non-expressive names for the variables like x, a and I have told them that it is preferable to use clear, meaningful names for variables and functions.

  • At question 4 to check if the student exists or not. Very few were thinking of using includes of indexOf at the array. Many used complex loops to implement it.

    -There was no clear understanding of how to use codepen to test the code. (edited)

Learning Paths

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