Lesson plans extra

Learning goals

  • Learn to scope learning goals to fit within your students' levels and the lesson length

  • Learn how to develop a lesson-plan based on your learning goals

  • Evaluate the lesson-plan

Lesson Schedule



  1. Using some of the techniques in Informatics teaching approaches develop a full lesson-plan for a class you are teaching

  2. After class reflect on how the lesson-plan worked out

    • What went well?

    • What could have been improved?

    • What in the lesson-plan would you change for next time?

    • Is there something that the next mentor would benefit from knowing?

Module Assignments

  • (ideas of what an assignment could be like)

  • Given these constraints, create a lesson plan:

    • Students have already learned classes, fetch, DOM manipulation and pair programming

    • Students are expected to learn how to send POST requests to a RESTful API

    • Class will be 4 hours long, in person

    • Your lesson plan must include: a slide show, a set of exercises, an in-class project, a homework assignment, and assessment criteria for the homework assignment

    • Possible points of confusion in your lesson plan

  • Given a lesson plan (without homework assignment or prep work), identify:

    • What a student would need to have learned before attending this lesson

    • Possible points of confusion in this lesson plan

    • Write a homework assignment & assessment strategy for this lesson plan

    • Assign prep work for this lesson plan

Lesson Plan "Specs"

this list intentionally refers to what a student can do instead of what they know.

  • What can students do before the lesson starts?

  • What are the learning objectives for class time?

  • What does a student need to do after the lesson?

  • What are your practical constraints?

One of the most helpful things you can do for students is to be very clear about what they are expected to learn in class with your guidance, and what they are expected to learn on their own afterwards. ie. are you talking about static methods right now because you expect students to be able to use them by the end of class, or because they should know it's important for when they study at home?

Being very clear about what is expected before vs. during vs. after class will help you prepare, and help students concentrate their efforts (and manage their stress ;)

Prepare to teach an existing lesson plan

so they focus on the teaching not the tech, we should let coaches choose any lesson plan they want from the hyf course. html/css, databases, js, ...

this assignment could be a template markdown file where coaches have to fill in their prep work and link to any resources (worked examples, videos, slides, ...) they prepared for class.

A big plus of this assignment format is coaches can directly use the same template to prepare for the next module they teach.

Learning Paths

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