Tips and Tricks

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Good questions to ask

  • Good questions to ask Is there anything we’ve covered that you feel you don’t understand as well as you need?

  • Is there anything we’ve covered where you don’t see why it is important or useful?

  • Do you feel like what we’re working on now is helping you progress toward your goals?

  • Is there anything we haven’t covered that you’d like to learn about?

  • How is the pacing for you? Too fast? Too slow? Just right?

Teaching Programming at HYF

  • it helps to think of HYF as a self-study course with some extra help, instead of as a taught course with more self-study

Practical tips and tricks

  • Keep the time

  • Discuss how to do the next homework before class ends

  • Is there an alternative to solving homework in start of class. know exactly why you are doing it

Students prepare a mini-presentation

It might be worth to encourage to prepare mini presentations in groups before each lesson but that might not work as I know how hard it to synchronize schedules. Ideally, I'd love to read about a concept, discuss it with someone from my group before the class and present it during the lesson while getting live feedback from the mentors. That would strip naked all the chaos that is generated in our heads when we think we understand but we really don't :wink: - Magdalena Wojtakowska

  • this could be more realistic as a homework assignment, to summarize in small what they saw in class using their own words.

  • added bonus. a history of these will help future coaches catch up on past student misconceptions

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