Teaching the Class

Teaching the class

This learning path is about learning techniques for teaching the class.


Welcome! come learn some practical tips for leading class at HYF. Take a look over the module's learning objectives, when you've read the provided links

This learning path is the meat and potatoes of teaching. Its focus on practical topics that will help you as a mentor with more tools for approaching the class.

You will learn about science based teaching approaches, how to evaluate a class' performance and how to execute a lesson plan.

Study Guide

A guide to which topics are helpful for this learning path

Final Project

As a final project for this learning path you will ... wait for it ... teach a class! When you fill out the issue for this project include these 5 things. They can be hosted however however you like, please just provide a link and quick summary for each item directly in the issue. Your fellow coaches should spend their time reviewing your work, not finding it :)

Lesson Specs

  • What are your practical constraints? (ie. time constraints, classroom materials like projectors or a whiteboard, your personal knowledge of the material, ...)

  • What can you expect students to know before the lesson starts? This will be based on what they saw in previous modules.

  • What learning objectives will you set for during class time? (ie. what would you put on a quiz to hand out at 16h after class)

  • What is a student's next step after class ends to get started with the week's assignments?

Prep Notes

Written before you taught the class!

Share the planning process you went through before the class and your prep notes for in class. This can be in any format, just link to it in your issue.

Class Recording

If possible, provide a recording of your class session.


Ask your students and fellow coaches for feedback and include a link to the feedback in your issue. This could be a google form, a copy-pasted collection of slack messages, or any other collection of feedback.


Look back over the entire process (planning, execution, feedback) and reflect on what went well and what didn't. Make a special effort to compare what you expected in your prep notes to the feedback you received.

  • Did students learn what you'd intended?

  • How did peer interactions effect what you had planned?

  • How well do you think you adapted to your class' needs?

Lessons Learned

Send a pull request to the Tips and Tricks section of this GitBook with at least one practical piece of advice you learned through this process. Link your PR to this issue.

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